• How do I activate my account?

    Once you have submitted your Account information, including your email address and chosen password, you will receive an email from . Please click on the link found in that email to validate your account and to complete the activation process.

  • What is Language Preference?

    Language Preference allows you to select your language of choice. Wherever possible information will be provided to you in your preferred language.
  • What are Personal Contact Details?

    The system needs to know how to get in touch with you quickly when one of your registered items is found. The default contact method is by email. You can choose more than one email; for example work and home. You will get alert messages at each of the email addresses you add. You may also add a phone number that is capable of receiving SMS (Short Message Service) or text messages. An alert message will be sent at the same time to your email address and to your mobile phone. Note for users of Japanese Mobile phones: SMS or text messages cannot be sent to subscribers of Japanese mobile phones. Please add the email address of your phone to your Contact Preferences to receive these messages by mobile phone.
  • What are the requirements for a Username and Password?

    Username: Your email address is your Username. Password: We feel that you should be free to set your password and will help you by color coding the strength of your password of choice. Red is weak, orange is medium and green is strong. If you prefer to use a weak password you do so at your own risk. We will ask you to confirm that you are happy with the password you chose
  • What do I need to get started?

    You start by creating an account. You will find the Create an Account button after clicking Login. Once you have created and activated your account you can register an unlimited number of UIDs. The UID, or Unique Identification code, is a twelve-character code that looks like this: 


    A UID is for use on only ONE item and is non-transferrable. If you buy a product with a pre-assigned UID the system already knows what product category you have. If you buy a “generic” UID label you can apply it to just about anything.


  • What information do I need to enter in Found Item's Details?

    If the UID was added at the factory the Category, Brand and Model of the item will already be entered for you and these cannot be changed. If no category is preselected for the item, please select the category that most closely matches the item. You can add other information describing the item in up to 200 characters.


  • What are the advantages of adding extra information?

    The system gives you the chance to create an inventory of your important possessions. You can add brand and model names, a serial number, a description of the item, and you can even upload a picture. No matter what happens you now have an online record that could be very helpful in case of a disaster such as a fire, flood or accident. For example, when you register a passport you can include all your passport details and upload a scan of your passport. If you need to replace your passport in an emergency you can access your account and print or email a copy of your passport details which will greatly help you in getting a replacement.
  • What information must I provide?

    For a pre-assigned UID no additional information is required – just the UID. For a “generic” UID you will at least need to define the category and subcategory of the item you are registering such as a suitcase or smartphone. Choose from the list or use “Other”. We recommend you provide as much information about the item as possible.
  • How do I register a UID?

    Once you have an activated account, log in, enter the UID code exactly as it appears on the label or tag and click SUBMIT. Then click Register an Item and fill in or select all requested information. Enter Add. Repeat this procedure for every item you would like to register.